Venturing into Photography

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My wife and I were contemplating about buying our first DSLR camera while expecting our baby girl to be born. Our main motivation was to be able capture moments with our new-born baby girl, as she’ll grow up. I was no longer satisfied with the pictures from our mobile phones, especially indoors.

Did some scouting of available cameras in nearby malls. I don’t live in the Metro, so options were a bit limited. Went to Canon and Nikon shops and took notes and images on the cameras being displayed, so that I could search for their reviews online. Then I went to Sony to view their line of cameras. Saw some NEX models still being sold, but then I saw the Sony a6000.

Looking at the price tag, and the features, I told myself that this could be the camera I want. What really got me very interested are the advertised auto-focus speed and drive speed (11fps), aside from its relatively small body, as compared to DSLR cameras from Nikon and Canon.

Spent several weeks looking and reading up on reviews on the a6000, and comparing it to the other similarly priced Nikon and Canon cameras.

Ultimately, I decided to get the a6000. The factors that I considered were its size, weight, auto-focus speed, drive speed, ease of sharing files, and its price. PriceĀ  was really just right on our budget.

I’m hoping that aside from capturing moments of our daughter, I would now be able to capture moments for other future family events. I’m also hoping that as I’m venturing into photography, I would learn how to make a photograph, instead of just taking it.

Here’s some of the first few shots that I took with the Sony a6000.




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